We have so many wonderful visionary thoughts everyday, but lethargy and procrastination hinders us from gathering our thoughts and sharing them with others. Eventually, all these ideas are scattered away. Such unexpressed conversations which hide behind the curtains of our hesitance might seemingly be pointless, but we never realize the true power of expressive debates and artful thoughts.

Who are we

DEYALL. arc mag is a virtual wall to display our thoughts, by exhibiting works of art, architecture, urbanism, nature and unveil protagonists who are less spoken about, to inspire a venturesome future of architecture.


This web-based magazine was conceived as an outtake from a research on the topic “Limited numbers of women in leadership positions in Bangladeshi architectural field”. The report revealed that one of the reasons behind low participation of women at the front row of architecture was due to lack of role models for emerging female architects.

According to our understanding there is, however, no paucity of architects with the potential to become an inspiring female role model. What is lacking is the knowledge about these women. Specifically because we have failed to address and highlight them, the study concludes with the solution: discussing on the internet about female achieving architects could help bridge the gap.

Our story

Nonetheless, in this fastforwarding, happening era, there are a multitude of topics that demand immediate attention.  Let’s admit it, an unidirectional blog about ladies in architecture could prove to be pretty unstimulating, failing to serve its purpose! While training and being employed as architects, our founders were engaged in active conversation, but missing the formal platform which could generate a ripple effect of these “addas”.

We also felt that Bangladeshi architecture has its unique merit, which has been obscured for ages. We intend to integrate Bangladeshi and global architecture through our very own desi wall magazine.

Our aim

Hence, we have finally crafted, with care and discretion, a magazine that allows all architects, students, teachers, professionals, art enthusiasts to come forward to write about and illustrate anything they wish to feature.


Let's become one team to induce thought provoking discussions and give our fair thoughts a voice !

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