Author: Upoma Das
Published on February 20, 2024
Categories: Art room | Featured | Studios

This city is the witness of all the times you shared with your beloved under the sodium lights where you craved to make all your dreams real. Now the reality has stopped you with uncertainties. The empty streets seem like a horror house and the broken windows be your home. 

When this ends, people will get back to their normal lives. We will make it someday. But few stories will remain abridged. When you say goodbye from far away beneath the layers and layers of melt-blown filters, you owed the last touch, a last kiss. The urge to hold the bare hands of the love of your life will stay alive until time gives you closure. You would promise to give all the remaining love you had in your next life. Perhaps. Acceptance is a big word. Because life has planned something else for love in the times of corona.
Media: Water color+ Pencil on cartridge paper
Size: 20”/30”




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